One Digital Health Platform

Health Platform for all

Increase & Retain Patients

Reimagine Patient Engagement that helps you achieve better clinical outcome & growing patient network. It also allows your patient to connect with you digitally.

Improve Efficiency

A Platform that can be accessed from anywhere on any mobile, tab or laptop. With Adaptive learning & offline access you can focus on patient without getting distracted.

Complete Family Care

Care your family jointly with other members. Support from your personal network. Engage with Doctors, avail services.

Why Moxie

Engage with Doctors including e-consulting
Maintain & share Records including smart alerts & reminders
Location aware services including Track & Help
Manage Profiles & share with other family members for joint action.
Find someone to seek help with their experience or Volunteer to help
Avail health ser vices as you need (like Tests, medicines etc)

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The Moxie Solution

Moxie is a digital platform encompassing the complete healthcare ecosystem. It is a unified cloud-based platform that connects families, doctors, pharmacies, and labs. Moxie is designed for a mobile-first population. It has a built-in support for low or no network conditions!


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